Friday, October 21, 2011

Change and a Challenge

It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.
C. S. Lewis

The above quote by the renowned author of "The Chronicles of Narnia" is a great example that everything changes. Without change, we cannot grow and learn. Every experience in our life changes us, good or bad, and whether we are aware of it or not. That being said, there are a few times in my own life that have profoundly changed me and I was well aware of it. Two of my greatest changes in life occurred because of the game Wizard101. I will never forget those who have helped me change for the better because of that game. Thank you Kings Isle for making the game.

The first occurred around May of 2010 I believe. (I said I would never forget the experinces, dates are another matter.) I had requested a run with my favorite team of helpers, Mercenaries for Hire. I had ran with just about all of them on various quests and more than their help, I just enjoyed their company. It was only me and one other Mercenary, the leader at the time, Christo Deathgiver. We had just finished pounding the smoke out of Smogger when he stopped me before I ported back to Reagents Square. We talked for a bit and then he said that it had been decided unanimously amongst the other Mercenaries that I be asked to become a member. I think I played it cool and said, "Sure." but behind the pixels I was thrilled beyond belief. From the Mercenaries I learned not only game tips, but confidence, the importance of teamwork, and that I don't need to apologize for being me. (Still get fussed at for doing that a little..)

Perhaps the most important change I learned from my time with the Mercenaries was the friends I made and the friendships that have developed from my time there. It started with my two best friends, Cassandra Dragonheart and SorceressMiklai. From just those two, I met enough people to fill up my friends list on the game with nothing but purple names. Although I am no longer a member of M4H, it is a part of me and of who I am. I still speak frequently with the current Mercenaries too. They are still the best on Central for help with quests. Always will be.

The second change happened just a few weeks ago when some of those purple names needed help. One of them had some things IRL to take care of and she was a moderator for the podcast Ravenwood Radio. *Waves to Miss Icywiz* She consulted with the rest of the crew and they decided to ask me to sit in for her. I said "Sure." again (hehe). Icy is now back in action and ready to roll. I was grateful for the opportunity to assist the Ravenwood Radio crew but I was also in for a surprise. I was asked to stay on and assist with episode 50 and beyond. You see, Ravenwood Radio is being remodeled and moving to a new location. On iTunes, it is now known as Ravenwood Radio LIVE. Still the same great show, just with a new name and location. I can't wait to see what other surprises Steve, Fallon, Icy, Ditto, and the rest of the crew have in store.

I don't ever plan on being as well known as the rest of the crew, (I am extremely shy) but because of them and what they have given me, I will be proud to be just me. Once again, I want to thank Kings Isle for Wizard101. It has given me so much.

A Challenge

Here is a challenge for everyone. I am sure everyone has friends like mine who give so much joy in life that it is immeasurable. No amount of kindness can ever repay them so I would like to challenge all my readers to pay it forward. Do something nice for a total stranger this week. It doesn't have to be monetary. It can be anything from telling someone they look nice to giving a treasure or card or two if you have extra. It doesn't even have to be limited to the Spiral. Let someone go ahead of you in a grocery line or at a restaurant or help your mom with dishes. (Sometimes her face is worth the work on that one.)

For those of you who are thinking, "What's in it for me?" Let me tell you, it is so so much fun to see someone's reaction to an unexpected gift. I have been called twit by my sister so many times I lost count. Tee hee.

Since I started with a quote about change, I will finish with a quote about giving:

“No person was ever honored for what he/she received. He/she was honored for what they gave.”

– Calvin Coolidge

Friday, August 5, 2011

Angel and the Egg. A short story

I wrote a short story for a friend of mine, Angel Winterbreeze. I wondered what his Wizard, Angel Winterbreeze, would have been like as a child. So I decided to use my imagination and create one. Here it is, I hope you enjoy it.

Angel and the Egg

The snow had just started falling as the two figures came to the gate of the old house. It was in good shape but there were a few pieces of chipped paint and it was clear that the once grand estate had long bypassed its glory days. The only reminder of those proud days was a sign that hung from an arched walkway that, when cleared of snow, read “Winterbreeze”. As the two figures walked under the sign, it seemed to creak and whine about the snowy conditions.

Joining in with the sign, one of the figures, a small boy, whined to the other figure. “This is it momma? This is where Grandma lives?” The questions were followed by two quick puffs of breath, clearly visible in the cold air, as the unhappy little boy blew his untamed platinum hair from his face.

“Yes Angel.” Jolie Winterbreeze sighed as she explained to her son for the sixth time. “This is where Grandma lives. And young man,” she added in a stern, motherly voice. “This is also the house I grew up in and look how great I turned out. Now stop your pouting and help me get our bags so we can go greet Grandma.” She ruffled the boy’s hair which did nothing but create two more puffs of breath as Angel tried to blow the feather-like strands from his face again.

Ever curious, Angel could not keep from asking more questions. “Why do we have to move here again? Is it always snowing here? Are there any weird animals? Are we close to Wizard City?”

“Why do you ask so many questions my little one?” Jolie interrupted him.
“That’s easy momma,” the boy answered with a sliver of a grin. “I’m random.”

Jolie laughed out loud at her little Angel. “I can’t argue with that one.” She grinned back then tickled under Angel’s arms, making the 5 year old squeal. “To answer your questions in order, we moved here because your dad got a job helping Headmaster Ambrose at Ravenwood and grandma is old and needs help sometimes. It snows here sometimes but not always. I never saw any weird animals. And finally, yes we are close to Wizard City.
“Momma,” Angel suddenly became serious, his clover green eyes showing worry. “Do you think I will make any friends?”

The final question made Jolie stop in her tracks. She set her bags down and hugged her child tightly. “Is that what all this pouting is about? You’re afraid you won’t make any friends?” Angel stared at the ground and shook his head. “You have nothing to worry about. You are adventurous, brave, and have a wonderful sense of humor. In fact, I bet the entire town absolutely adores you before the week is through.”

This seemed to cheer the child up considerably as he and his mother reached the stairs. Angel’s grandmother, Adelina, opened the door and a wonderful smell warmed the cold outside. “There you two are,” She smiled brightly. “I just finished making popcorn. Come inside and get warm.”

“Momma you didn’t say she could make popcorn. You know, this place is growing on me.” He practically ran in the house as his mother and grandmother giggled on the front porch.

Once everyone was inside and Angel had an oversized bowl of popcorn in front of him, he munched happily and looked around. The kitchen was almost completely white and complimented the snow outside the large sliding doors. There was a small stain glass window above the doors that made rainbow patterns on the table. In the back yard sat an old barn. Its weathered roof had a few holes in it but there was still hay in the loft and a horse was braving the cold to nibble on whatever grass it could find. Adelina sat beside her grandson and asked him. “Would you like to see the animals in the barn when you are done eating?”

“Yeth mmm,” he said with a mouth full of popcorn.

This made his grandmother giggle again but Jolie was not impressed. “Angel Cristopher Winterbreeze! You know better than to reply with your mouth full.” Her son looked remorseful but also had a mischievous twinkle in his eye when he looked at his grandmother.

When the entire bowl of popcorn had been eaten, Jolie went to unpack as Angel and Adelina headed out to the barn. The old door creaked and resisted but finally opened. Angel was greeted by the horse, who had retreated back to the warmth of the barn. He noticed several hens dozing close together and a ladder leading to the hay loft. “Is anything other than hay up there?” He asked as he pointed to the loft.

“Nothing but hay little one.” Adelina said. “Come over here though. I have something very special to show you.” She guided him to a small corner where a large nest sat. In it, was the largest egg Angel had seen.

“WOW!” his eyes were as wide as they could go. “What kind of egg is it Grandma?”

“I have had it for over 4 years now. He is very shy and will not come out of his shell.”

With one eyebrow raised Angel said to his grandmother. “Umm, Grandma, I don’t mean to be rude or anything but if there has been an unhatched egg in the barn for over 4 years then I‘d say it’s very very rotten and needs to be thrown out."

Adelina laughed heartily which just seemed to confuse the youngster more. When she was able to speak again she explained. “Normally that would be true but you see this is no ordinary egg. This egg walks, eats, dances, and even knows a spell or two. I have seen him out in the yard a couple of times but he always runs when anyone gets too close.”

Angel bent down and knocked on the egg. “I don’t see how that’s possible. It’s just an-.” He never completed his sentence because the egg decided to knock back against Angel’s forehead. “Ow, ow, ow!” He stared in disbelief for a second or two as he rubbed his sore forehead. “Guess he doesn’t like being knocked on.” He finally said with a mischievous grin. “Okay okay little egg. I won’t knock on you anymore but how do you expect to make friends hiding in the barn all day? Come out and play in the snow some.” The egg didn’t move for a second or two then its whole body twisted back and forth like someone shakes their head no. “Why not silly.” Angel asked and the egg responded by scooting closer to the wall. “I see. You’re shy and afraid no one will like you. Is that it?” The egg stood up on webbed feet that poked out of the shell at the bottom and did a couple of short bows as if nodding. “Well you will never know if you don’t come out and say hi first. How about if I give you a name? Will that help? The egg jumped up and down excitedly and did a little dance. He had never had a name before. “Great!” Angel exclaimed. “I already have the perfect name for you too. I am going to call you Chico.” Chico, thrilled with his new name, jumped up and down and danced all around the barn.

“I think he likes his name Angel,” Adelina chuckled as she watched Angel join in on the dancing.

“I think he does too Grandma,” Angel laughed. “Can I keep him and raise him? I plan on being a Legendary Thaumaturge one day and I need a good partner.”

“After what I just saw, I don’t think a pack of Wildclaws could tear you apart.” Adelina said with a grin. “Looks like you have yourself a pet egg.”

From that day forward, Angel became known all about town as the kid with pet egg. He grew up, went off to Wizard City, and became a Legendary Thaumaturge just as he told his grandmother he would and Chico never left his side.

The end

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cast of Characters

Most of you know my character, Autumn Fireblade. However, most of you do not know my other characters and stars of my story. So I am going to introduce you to them. I put them all in their best outfits so they look nice for you.

First up, Heather Blade. She is my title character of the story. Although in the story she is still a young Theurgist, she is actually Legendary.

Next up, Tristan Nightshade: He was my first Grandmaster. I had actually planned on erasing him and having all girls but I loved the Death school so much I kept him.

Destiny Skyblade a.k.a. Sparky is next. Not much to say about her. She says it all herself in the story lol.

Alexis Rainblade is next up. Although her outfit was originally white, I switched to black. Suits her better.

The rest of my Blades should be in order I plan to introduce them in the story. However, this story could go any way and I may do it differently.

Autumn Fireblade (most of you know her already) is who I intend to introduce next. I won't give anything away but I am pleased with how she is turning out.

Next up is the mystery person I revealed in my last blog. She is a Necromancer like Tristan and believe me, she is one tough cookie. Allow me to introduce, Angela Shadowblade. (Btw, her mount in the background plays an integral part in the story)

I plan on introducing my final two Blades at the same time. Balance Taryn Moonblade and Ice Jasmine Roseblade.

Those are my Blades and of course Mr. Nightshade. Here is a small snippet of the next story.

“Why would anyone want the tips of a unicorn’s horn?” Heather asked.

Cameron answered her. “Unicorns are popular in Wizard city as pets but are pretty rare everywhere else. They have a lot of magic and the tips of the horns are where all a mare’s magic is stored. A stallion’s magic is in his entire horn and is 20 times as potent as the females but—.”

“Wait!” Heather interrupted. “I thought all unicorns were girls. There are boys?”

Sherlock cut in as well. “This is the first I have heard of this as well. Please continue Mr. Drake.”

Cameron cleared his throat. “As I was saying,” he said, sounding like his father. “Stallions are rare even in Wizard City. They stay in the shadows and prefer to hide but are great at defending themselves and are extremely aggressive. I have only seen one in my life. Dad says he has only seen two.”

“How can a unicorn hide in shadows? The only ones I have ever seen are all solid white or pink.” Heather asked.

“They were also all girls,” Cameron answered. “Stallions are solid black with eyes that glow red as fire when angered.” He shuddered. “Trust me. You don’t want to see an angry stallion.”
“Fascinating!” Mr. Bones exclaimed. “Simply fascinating. Tell me young man. How did you come to know so much about the creatures?”

“My Aunt was the Life teacher at Ravenwood before she died. She taught me all about them and helped me raise Amalthea.

“If unicorn magic is so potent,” Heather asked. “Why don’t more criminals try to steal them?”

“Because they would be cursed forever,” Cameron explained. “To cut a unicorn’s horn means sentencing it to death. As soon as the horn is separated from the unicorn, whoever cuts the horn is attacked by the magic within it. They are forever surrounded by a dark aura and I am not sure what else. Aunt Sylvia wouldn’t go into details about it. Whatever it was, it scared her though.”

Cameron was about to say more but a loud crash and the sound of several loud voices in the street drew their attention to the window. They ran downstairs just as Officer Chaser ran into the building. “They’ve got the little one, Roxie!” He said breathlessly. “We got him cornered near The Rusty Hydrant.”

Stayed tune for the next Chapter. Hopefully coming soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dragons and Blades

Hey everyone. This post isn't about my story. Amazing isn't it? Anyway wanted to keep you updated on what was happening in my little Wiz World. So many things to say.

First, KingsIsle released the new Dragon's Hoard pack in the Crowns shop at a great price, 399 Crowns per pack. You can get all sorts of great housing items, reagents, gear, pets, and mounts. (You have already heard I know) One of the most prized possessions in there is the Bone Dragon mount. It took a while (and a few Crowns) but I did finally get a Bone Dragon for my Death wizard on my second account, (name witheld hee hee) First account's Death wiz, Tristan, was not so lucky. Giving up I came to the conclusion that he would be a Dragon breeder due to the fact that he had at least 3 of each of the Dragon pets that came in the pack. Later that night I was questing with one of my best friends and in game sister, Cassandra Dragonheart. I mentioned to her about my dragon woes and being the kind, loving sister she is, she gifted Tristan a Dragon Hoard pack. I opened it and to my surprise, there was a Bone Dragon mount in that pack. Both of my Necromancers are now cruising the Spriral on new mounts. Thank you Big sister.

Second thing the Dragon Hoard pack had that I wanted was a beautiful new double handed sword. The style was the same but the power and wand spell depends on what level your wizard is. I absolutely love swords (as most who know my wizards and username well know). I had to have one for each account as well. Got much luckier with those and ended up with one or two searching for the Bone mounts.


I am also proud to announce I have 2 new Legendary wizards as of this week. My Myth, Alexis Rainblade, and my Balance wizard, Olivia DawnBlade both completed Celestia and reached Legendary. Alexis is on her way to Wintertusk and Olivia is going to start Grizzleheim. Counting those two, I now have 8 Legendary Wizards. One for each school and double Deaths.

Other Noteworthy news:

I do not know how many of you know this or even know me but on Central I was a member of Mercenaries for Hire. Why do I say was? I have decided to go inactive. It has nothing to do with the team as I am close to each and every Mercenary and know they will continue to succeed and assist any wizard that asks for their help. The truth is, I rarely log into Central anymore. I much prefer to get my information from Diary of a Wizard, Petnome, and my friends on Twitter of course.


Didn't think I would leave without mentioning Prophecy of Blades did you? I have started posting it on Diary of a Wizard as well and continue to work on it daily (or whenever the boss turns his head.) For those that are wondering and have read the last chapter, Heather is not alone. She has a friend with her, though, who it is may surprise you. Here is a picture of Heather Blade and Tristan. I will continue to post and keep you updated. As for me right now, the Spiral awaits.

Lady Blade

For those who want to see what a couple of my characters look like, here is Heather.

And below is Tristan. The Necromancer he is with will be revealed....later.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sneak Peak at next chapter

It has been a while I know. We have been extremely busy at work and to be honest, this chapter has been hard to write. The next two chapters should be easier and be out faster. Here is a snippet though. Hope you enjoy it. I hope to post the full story sometime this week.

Alexis approached the wall and traced the yellow line from the handprint to the slot on the right side. “It certainly is bright.” She turned and noticed the unusual looks from Tristan and Destiny. “What?”

“You can see the colors?” Tristan asked.

“They’re kind of hard to miss. They look like colorful vines all over the wall. Don’t tell me you can’t see them.”

Tristan shook his head. Neither me nor Destiny can. Wonder why you and Heather are able to?”

Alexis pondered the question for a second. “I have a theory about why I can. But her,” she pointed to Heather. “I don’t have a clue about unless she has Myth or Balance parents.”

Heather shook her head. “My dad is a Theurgist too and mom has no magic in her family. What’s your theory Alexis?”

Alexis cleared her throat. “I think you may have the blood of a seer in your veins. It’s not really taught at Ravenwood, but seers have been around for centuries. Some can see strands of magic, others can see bits of the future. Seers tend to be Conjurers and Sorcerers, it’s rare to see the ability in a Theurgist. My family’s full of them since we have over six generations of Conjurers. In fact,” Alex said in a surprised voice and walked over to the wall. “That’s my family crest right there.” She touched the wall’s lower right corner and there was a quick blinding flash of light.

“OW! ALEXIS.” Destiny rubbed her stinging eyes. “What’d you do that for Monster girl? That hurt like—Woah!” Through the fading white and purple spots, Destiny discovered something. “Hey! I can see the colors now. Tris, take a look.”

Tristan blinked several times then glanced at the wall. Just like Destiny, he too could see the dazzling lines of color that crawled and snaked their way across the wall converging into a single black handprint. He started to touch the green line but the hairs on his arm stood up and he could feel electricity building. He quickly pulled his hand away. “Oh no you don’t you stupid wall. I’m not ending up on the floor again. He motioned for the others. “Let’s hurry and get this over with. I don’t think this rock likes me much.”

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prophecy of Blades Chapter sneak peek.

This is a snippet of the next chapter in my "Prophecy of Blades" series. I am hard at work on it and hope to finish by Thursday, Friday at the latest. This takes place right after they read the Diary.

Tynan’s final thought echoed throughout the tower as the memory crystal faded into silence.

“I graduate from Ravenwood tomorrow as Valedictorian in Necromancy. Ambrose is a great headmaster and has given me a small piece of land near the school for future Nightshade heirs. I will do my best to honor our family, its creed, “Virtus et Sapientia”, and even Desiree’s correct maiden name. I just wish I knew how.”

Grandmother Raven stood with her head bowed lost in the past for a second. She finally pointed to the back wall between the planters and whispered, “The Prophecy came true.”

Destiny walked over to the wall and rubbed off the centuries of dust with her sleeve. “I’m with Byron on this Grandmother. There are just three notches here, no writing anywhere.” Then she noticed her sleeve. “Oh yuck my robe is filthy now.”

Tristan, who had been in a silent state of shock, could not help but chuckle at his Diviner friend. “Guess impetuousness runs in the family. Glad there isn’t any cliffs or Drakes around.”

“Ha Ha!” Destiny said mockingly.

Grandmother Raven gave her sad smile and teasingly said. “That’s right. The memory crystal stopped when Tristan and Kai were six years old and Tynan never told his great grandmother’s name.” She giggled before she revealed who it was. “It was Evelyn Skyblade.”

Both Tristan and Destiny’s mouths dropped open. Destiny, as always, recovered from the shock first and she laughed. “I am so calling you cousin from now on Tris.” She teased him.

While Destiny was giving Tristan a hard time, Heather had walked over to get a closer look at the wall where the Prophecy had supposedly been carved. She ran her hands over the notches and thinking out loud said, “It almost looks like someone stabbed the wall with three different swords.” She pulled back suddenly when she noticed something odd happening on the wall. “Oh! Look at the colors.”

“What?” The revelation got Tristan’s attention. He walked over to the wall but did not see anything. “Umm Heather. It’s just a gray wall. Are you feeling alright fizzy?”

“Don’t look at me like I’m crazy Tristan. Destiny you see the colors. Don’t you?” She asked pleadingly.

Destiny shook her head. “Sorry Heather I don’t. What kind of colors?”

Heather sighed but explained. “There are small lines of colors coming from each of the slots. They almost look like glowing vines reaching toward the center. The top is purple, the left one is green, and the right is yellow. They meet in the middle and it looks like they form a black hand-print."

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pixelate and PvP


Pixelate is a term I made up. I define it as looking at someone in a game and thinking of them as just pixels instead of a living human being. If you are pixelated, you can be called bad names, people will tell you that you're useless, you stink...etc. Other terms in relation to it are, pixelated, pixelator, and pixelation.

If you are a pixelator, I would like to ask you to take a moment and go look at someone in your house. It doesn't matter who....go on, I'll wait.... Notice anything about them? They are not small dots of color on a computer screen but living flesh and blood. They move, laugh, cry, feel, just like you do. Would you want anyone calling them names, or telling them they are useless? I hope not. Now look at your character in the game. He/she is made up of pixels correct? Every character in the game is made up of pixels. However, somewhere in the world, there is a real person looking at a computer screen just like you are and just like you and your family/roomate, they laugh, move, cry, feel. Those little dots are actually flesh and blood and do not deserve to be called names or laughed at because you are mad or upset.

Pixelation tends to spread quickly. Once one person is mean, others see it and think it is acceptable behaviour in the game.

As of yet, there is no cure for pixelation but telling those that pixelate it's not acceptable behaviour may stop them. Telling them can have a reverse affect and make them madder but long-term pixelators usually start saying things they can be reported for and get muted. Either way problem solved.


Recently I started PvP'ing. I did not think I would enjoy it but with good friends cheering you on, it's pretty fun. It will take some time before I am brave enough to solo but I will get there....eventually.

I have been playing Wizard101 for a little over 2 years and before this past weekend, had only PvP'd one time. I had such a horrible experience I didn't want to go back. I won that first battle and my oponent was a good sport but the rudeness from bystanders is what disheartened me. They cursed at us, called us names, said we were boring. I am very tenderhearted and had only been playing the game for a month or so. Thanks to those Arena Trolls (as my sister Cass calls them) I lost all confidence in my ability to PvP and quit.

This past weekend however, I was invited by my Unholy Trio sister Cassandra Dragonheart to watch the PvP team she is on,Team Perfect Catch,(TPC) in the Arena. The event was broadcast on Livestream so I got to hear commentary of the match as well. They talked about spells they would use, what their opponents might cast, etc... Most of the opposing teams were good sports but there were a few "Trolls" in there as well. (Both in and out of the ring). However, Cass, Kevin, Fallon, and Rowan did not let the comments get to them. They even laughed at it and even gave tips to their opponents on how to improve if the other team lost. I have never seen anything like that. I had a blast that night and stayed up until 2am watching TPC battle it out. Thank you TPC for showing me PVP can be fun.

We practiced first. Cass, my other sister, SorceressMiklai, and our friend Alric Ravensinger. Cass wrote about that in her blog (link is in my favorite blogs). Later on that night, TPC was challenged at Kevin Battleblood's Fantasy Palace and Sorceress and I decided to watch. After their match was over, I jumped in the ring for a battle or two. I lost both times. The first time I really enjoyed. It was 3v3 and I was up against one tough opponent, SorceressMiklai. I put up a good fight but was no match for her Snow Angel in the end.

The second battle was hard for me. This time me and SorceressMiklai were on the same team but our side only had 3 players. We were up against Alric, Cass (Death Cass), a Life player, and Nate (The Earthweavers on Central) and they went first. We were crushed. I do not mind losing but when I lose that badly I tend to think it was all my fault. Now before my sisters rush in here and fuss at me for thinking like that, I know that was a tough match up and would be hard for anyone to come out on top with those odds. That is the biggest thing I will have to overcome. I am going to shut up now since I am just feeling sorry for myself.

Get over it Heather, you're still learning.

Onto the good news. I don't intend to give up and my big sis, SorceressMiklai (SM) ranked up last night with help from Alric a.k.a. Tio. WOOOOOTTT, Go sis! I can't wait to catch up to her and big sis Cass.

Thank you for listening and until next time,
Lady Blade a.k.a. Heather

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dedication to my friends

I am shy by nature and it is hard for me to make friends and trust others with my feelings. I am either too shy to speak up or I keep my feelings to myself not wanting to put my burdens on other people. However, over the past year, I have made some very good friends that have helped me overcome some of that timidness and I continue to learn from them on a daily basis. I would like to say a few words about each of these special people. I will start with M4H team mates.

Cassandra Dragonheart and SorceressMiklai-I have to include my Trio siblings together. We got invited to join M4H (Mercenaries for Hire) at the same time and quickly became known as the Unholy Trio.
Cassandra is, IMO, one of the best PvP players in the Spiral and just celebrated her one year wizaversary last Saturday. WOOT Cass.
Sorceress is my late night sister and probably knows more about gardening and pets than KI themselves. She and Cass have really been there for me over the past year. They have listened to all my complaints, corny jokes, and problems. They also give great advice on life and the game. I hope I can repay them someday and pray I am as good a friend to them as they are to me.

Fiona Wildshade- The best way to describe Fiona is sweet. I am not talking about a little piece of chocolate sweet either. I am talking honey coated cotton candy topped with fudge, whip cream, and a cherry. I think she and I are very much alike in that we don't like to be alone but we feel as if we will bother someone if we ask them for help/company.

Aura*-Aura* is one tough cookie. She has soloed almost every area of the Spiral and we are currently working a Life,Storm team together. I have a tendency to be soft-hearted and although that is not a bad trait,Aura* is teaching me to be soft-hearted but stand my ground as well. Actually, she, Cass, and SorceressMiklai, have gotten on to me for apologizing to people when there is no need for one. (I'm learning my friends.)

There are several other Mercenaries I enjoy hanging out with but those are the ones I know the best and are closest to. They have all helped me and are all currently helping me learn and grow on a daily basis.

In the Non Mercenaries category, I have to give a shout out to Alric Ravenslinger. He is best friends with Sorceress and Cass, has created wonderful blogs (which I will try to post a link to), and is my teacher in pet training. Judging by his twitter posts, we have a similar, sarcastic, warped sense of humor. (Be afraid). I still don't know why Cass calls him Tio though. That's a secret for another day perhaps?

That's it for my blog this time around. I am still working on Prophecy of Blades and Desiree's Diary. I hope to have the Diary posted by this weekend. Will keep you updated or try my best to anyway.

-Lady Blade

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Desiree's Diary

It has been a while since I posted but really, my life is dull compared to my friends. My imagination is a different story...literally. Here is an excerpt from my Wizard101central story Desiree's Diary. It is part of my Prophecy of Blades series but it kind of developed into its own story. I hope you enjoy this part. I hope to finish it and the next chapter of Prophecy soon.

They walked inside the castle and headed toward the sitting room to greet their guests. They had almost reached the room when they heard someone shout and glass break. “You worthless piece of garbage! I could have you fired right now!”

Judging by the stern look her mother was giving her, Desiree was making another unladylike face. They walked in the sitting room to see what the commotion was about. There was a shattered tea cup lying on the floor near the fireplace. A servant was trying to clean it up but it was clear she had been cut and was trying to pick up the glass with a cloth on her hand to keep from staining the carpet. Standing near the sofa was a tall, skinny man and a young scruffy looking boy. They looked up as Desiree and her mother walked in.

“Holy smokes it’s Grubb, he’s alive, and he’s your Uncle!” exclaimed Destiny as she grabbed the crystal, pausing the memory.

“Destiny!” Tristan said. “Thanks for pointing that disgusting fact out but I had a feeling Grubb would be in here. Otherwise he wouldn’t have tried to keep us out of the tower.” Tristan removed Destiny’s hand and the memory continued.

“Really Charlotte.” Grubb exclaimed as he saw his sister and Desiree. “How do you put up with this riff raff your husband hires as servants?” He said the word husband the same way a chef says the word rat. “You deserve so much better.” Desiree wasn’t sure if her uncle was referring to the servant or her father.
Charlotte angrily retorted. “May I remind you brother that if it weren’t for my husband, you would not hold the status you do now? And another thing! Our servants are very dear to me and I will not have them harmed again. You and young Norton may join us in the garden but I will show you the door myself if you so much as look at another servant in a demeaning manor. Come along Desi-…” She stopped when she noticed Desiree had walked over to the servant and was holding her cut hand.

Desiree held the servant’s hand and asked her with tears in her eyes. “Does it hurt much Michelle?” As the child said this, green light started flowing from her hand, onto the cut and healing it. Charlotte Lighthope could only stare in amazement at her daughter’s ability. Someone else was watching as well.

“Amazing!” The voice came from the doorway and startled the group in the sitting room.

Charlotte recovered quickly. “Dean Murin. What a wonderful surprise. Such a pleasure to see you.” She said smiling genuinely.