Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Desiree's Diary

It has been a while since I posted but really, my life is dull compared to my friends. My imagination is a different story...literally. Here is an excerpt from my Wizard101central story Desiree's Diary. It is part of my Prophecy of Blades series but it kind of developed into its own story. I hope you enjoy this part. I hope to finish it and the next chapter of Prophecy soon.

They walked inside the castle and headed toward the sitting room to greet their guests. They had almost reached the room when they heard someone shout and glass break. “You worthless piece of garbage! I could have you fired right now!”

Judging by the stern look her mother was giving her, Desiree was making another unladylike face. They walked in the sitting room to see what the commotion was about. There was a shattered tea cup lying on the floor near the fireplace. A servant was trying to clean it up but it was clear she had been cut and was trying to pick up the glass with a cloth on her hand to keep from staining the carpet. Standing near the sofa was a tall, skinny man and a young scruffy looking boy. They looked up as Desiree and her mother walked in.

“Holy smokes it’s Grubb, he’s alive, and he’s your Uncle!” exclaimed Destiny as she grabbed the crystal, pausing the memory.

“Destiny!” Tristan said. “Thanks for pointing that disgusting fact out but I had a feeling Grubb would be in here. Otherwise he wouldn’t have tried to keep us out of the tower.” Tristan removed Destiny’s hand and the memory continued.

“Really Charlotte.” Grubb exclaimed as he saw his sister and Desiree. “How do you put up with this riff raff your husband hires as servants?” He said the word husband the same way a chef says the word rat. “You deserve so much better.” Desiree wasn’t sure if her uncle was referring to the servant or her father.
Charlotte angrily retorted. “May I remind you brother that if it weren’t for my husband, you would not hold the status you do now? And another thing! Our servants are very dear to me and I will not have them harmed again. You and young Norton may join us in the garden but I will show you the door myself if you so much as look at another servant in a demeaning manor. Come along Desi-…” She stopped when she noticed Desiree had walked over to the servant and was holding her cut hand.

Desiree held the servant’s hand and asked her with tears in her eyes. “Does it hurt much Michelle?” As the child said this, green light started flowing from her hand, onto the cut and healing it. Charlotte Lighthope could only stare in amazement at her daughter’s ability. Someone else was watching as well.

“Amazing!” The voice came from the doorway and startled the group in the sitting room.

Charlotte recovered quickly. “Dean Murin. What a wonderful surprise. Such a pleasure to see you.” She said smiling genuinely.

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  1. You already know I can't wait until you post more. I like getting the story in installments, but I don't like the suspense! LOL

    I love your stories, Heather and will be watching for the next.