Thursday, September 3, 2015

To Sleep Perchance to Dream!

Good afternoon fellow wizards.  You’re probably wondering why I used a Shakespeare quote as a title?  My brain has a hard time shutting off, so if I wake up during the night, I am usually up for a few hours.  For that reason, I am also a morning person, but I am sure you don’t want to hear about my sleep habits.    I am going to post an idea that came to me this morning immediately when I woke up.  I thought of a new world for The Spiral.  I even have some of the storyline.  Hope you like it.

World name:  Somnium – The Dream World (Somnium is Latin for Dream)

Like most Wizard Worlds, there are three areas.  The first one is “The Isle of Elements”.  As the name states, it is a series of islands where element enemies (Fire, Ice, Storm) roam.  I don’t yet have an idea as to what the enemies could be.  Maybe they will come to me in a dream.

The next area is the “Forest of Spirits”.  You have probably guessed by now, that is where the three Spirit school (Death, Life, Myth) enemies are.

The final area is called “Harmony Lane”.  It has some Balance school enemies, but it also has something unique.  It has enemies with hidden schools.  Instead of a school symbol next to their names, the enemies will have a grey cloud instead of a school.  You won’t know the enemy’s school until you engage it.  All of these enemies look alike, so you may encounter 3 clouded monsters and have to deal with 3 different schools (any of the Wizard schools, including Balance).  It will take a very “Balanced” deck to deal with the unknown.  Ooh!  They could be called, “The Uknown”.  

We are summoned by Ambrose, but something is wrong, his words are mumbled, “Help…my office..must stay awake.”

We get there to find Ambrose and Gamma sound asleep.  Nothing will wake them.  On Merle’s desk we find a note where he was able to give us a small clue before succumbing to the spell cast on him.  The note could say something like, “Somnium – World of Dreams…all of Sprial in danger…young not affected by sleep spell….Bough of Bartleby….door”.  Since the last word is the name of the Great Tree, we head there. 

All of the professors in Ravenwood, as well as the trees, are asleep.  This includes Bartleby.  We are looking for a way to get in and up to his bough when we’re approached by a Storm student, Cameron Drake, Cyrus’ son.  Cyrus had told Cameron the day before that Somnium’s king, Old Luk-Oie, has been corrupted by an evil spirit that wants all adults of The Spiral to sleep forever so he can rule them through their dreams.  The spirit has no use for children since they are weak, helpless, and cannot stop him.  (He underestimates us Wizards, doesn’t he?).  

Cameron says Professor Baelstrom’s daughter, Gale, is already working on a potion that will wake Bartelby up long enough for us to get inside and to the door.  He takes us to the Storm school where Gale (who still has a tail from being a tadpole), is working diligently on the potion, but she needs a few more ingredients, which we have to obtain.  The last four ingredients are found on Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue, and Colossus Boulevard.  

We get the ingredients, Gale finishes the potion, it works, and we go inside the Great Tree to discover a spiral staircase that circles along the edge of the inner tree and up to a door on a large branch.  We’ve found the door to Somnium. 

That’s all I’ve thought of so far except that Cameron will introduce us to his twin cousins (I will let you think on that for a moment).  Also, when we finish a certain series of quests, we get another school pet…only, we get to choose which pet we want instead of it being our default school.  If we choose our own school, the hatching time is only 12 hours, if we choose a different school, the hatching time doubles.  I thought the pets could be mini horses, maybe even pegasi or unicorns that have the school colors.  For example:  The Ice pegasus could be light blue with white mane and tail.  The fire one could look exactly like the black and red pegasus mount, and Storm’s could be this wicked looking purple pegasus with lightning bolts for mane and tail.  Balance would get a Pegacorn (unicorn and pegasus mixed).  That would leave Spirit schools with unicorns.  Though we could reverse the pets and make spirits get Pegasus, I’m just throwing out ideas here.

Well, that’s my idea.  I hope you enjoyed your trip into the mind of an insomniac.  May your day be filled with blessings and magic.