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This is my first WoW post on the blog.  I will go over the two factions, Horde and Alliance, at a later time.  For this first post, I am going to pay tribute to my friend Icywiz, and to one of the cutest races in all of the game, (don’t tell my Horde friends I said this), Gnomes.  Not only are they cute, but being a short person myself, I hardly ever get to hear, “My.  You’re a tall one.”, so running into Gnomes while questing is a plus.

When I first started playing World of Warcraft, it was Icywiz who showed me the ropes.  It’s funny, looking back, how much of a clueless noob I was compared to now.  Icy played a Gnome Mage (Mages are the Wizards of the WoW world).  Icy’s main, though, is a Draenai Hunter named Ajira.  Hunters are real fun to play. You get to shoot things with bows and arrows, you can tame the wild animals and make them your hunting companions.  I am pretty sure Icy would have a Gnome Hunter but that’s where the problem lies….Gnomes are the ONLY race in WoW that cannot be Hunters.  I now know why they cannot be, but have an idea for a solution.  That idea is why I decided to write this post. 

First, a little (pun intended) description and history of Gnomes.  Gnomes are the shortest race in World of Warcraft topping out at around 3’ in height.  They are also technical geniuses.  If it is Alliance and mechanical, a Gnome probably made it.  They even built an underground tram that runs between two Alliance cities.  They are also one of the most difficult races to find lore for.  Even the Gnomes themselves aren’t sure of their exact origins.  I was able to find some things regarding Gnomes in WoW Wiki.  Here is an excerpt regarding them.

“Apparently, the first gnomes that came into existence were "mechagnomes", small clockwork-creatures created by the Titans. It is unknown why the titans created them, though most likely they were created to help shaping Azeroth along with the earthen and the sea giants. What is known is that the mechagnomes, like many other beings created by the titans, were affected by the Curse of Flesh. This gradually turned mechagnomes into the fleshy variant seen today. Also for unknown reasons, this knowledge has been eluded/lost by the gnomish race. Information of this evolution can although still be found on various locations, gradually explaining how the gnomes appeared on Azeroth.”

That very paragraph could explain why Gnomes are not Hunters.  I was playing on an RP (Role Playing) server and some of the players were discussing this.  They started out as a mechanical being.  There was no emotion, no empathy, nothing natural, there was just programming and parts.  Even the Dwarves started out as something natural, stone.  Hunter pets could only bind to something naturally made.  

That being said, I think it would be Uber cool if WoW would make Gnomes Hunters and they make their own pets.  They could even use the creation of a pet as a special quest for Gnome Hunters only for a time.  After all, Engineers in WoW can make their own mechanical pets, such as squirrels, rabbits, and even a dragon.  

That is it for my first Warcraft blog post.  I am going to leave you with a picture of my favorite Gnome, Chromie.  Technically she’s not a Gnome but I will go into that at a later post.  Since I cannot take credit for work I did not do, I got this picture from a website called "The"  I am not sure who the artist is, but they did a fantastic job.

See ya around the Spiral or Azeroth

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