Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prophecy of Blades Chapter sneak peek.

This is a snippet of the next chapter in my "Prophecy of Blades" series. I am hard at work on it and hope to finish by Thursday, Friday at the latest. This takes place right after they read the Diary.

Tynan’s final thought echoed throughout the tower as the memory crystal faded into silence.

“I graduate from Ravenwood tomorrow as Valedictorian in Necromancy. Ambrose is a great headmaster and has given me a small piece of land near the school for future Nightshade heirs. I will do my best to honor our family, its creed, “Virtus et Sapientia”, and even Desiree’s correct maiden name. I just wish I knew how.”

Grandmother Raven stood with her head bowed lost in the past for a second. She finally pointed to the back wall between the planters and whispered, “The Prophecy came true.”

Destiny walked over to the wall and rubbed off the centuries of dust with her sleeve. “I’m with Byron on this Grandmother. There are just three notches here, no writing anywhere.” Then she noticed her sleeve. “Oh yuck my robe is filthy now.”

Tristan, who had been in a silent state of shock, could not help but chuckle at his Diviner friend. “Guess impetuousness runs in the family. Glad there isn’t any cliffs or Drakes around.”

“Ha Ha!” Destiny said mockingly.

Grandmother Raven gave her sad smile and teasingly said. “That’s right. The memory crystal stopped when Tristan and Kai were six years old and Tynan never told his great grandmother’s name.” She giggled before she revealed who it was. “It was Evelyn Skyblade.”

Both Tristan and Destiny’s mouths dropped open. Destiny, as always, recovered from the shock first and she laughed. “I am so calling you cousin from now on Tris.” She teased him.

While Destiny was giving Tristan a hard time, Heather had walked over to get a closer look at the wall where the Prophecy had supposedly been carved. She ran her hands over the notches and thinking out loud said, “It almost looks like someone stabbed the wall with three different swords.” She pulled back suddenly when she noticed something odd happening on the wall. “Oh! Look at the colors.”

“What?” The revelation got Tristan’s attention. He walked over to the wall but did not see anything. “Umm Heather. It’s just a gray wall. Are you feeling alright fizzy?”

“Don’t look at me like I’m crazy Tristan. Destiny you see the colors. Don’t you?” She asked pleadingly.

Destiny shook her head. “Sorry Heather I don’t. What kind of colors?”

Heather sighed but explained. “There are small lines of colors coming from each of the slots. They almost look like glowing vines reaching toward the center. The top is purple, the left one is green, and the right is yellow. They meet in the middle and it looks like they form a black hand-print."