Monday, February 21, 2011

Pixelate and PvP


Pixelate is a term I made up. I define it as looking at someone in a game and thinking of them as just pixels instead of a living human being. If you are pixelated, you can be called bad names, people will tell you that you're useless, you stink...etc. Other terms in relation to it are, pixelated, pixelator, and pixelation.

If you are a pixelator, I would like to ask you to take a moment and go look at someone in your house. It doesn't matter who....go on, I'll wait.... Notice anything about them? They are not small dots of color on a computer screen but living flesh and blood. They move, laugh, cry, feel, just like you do. Would you want anyone calling them names, or telling them they are useless? I hope not. Now look at your character in the game. He/she is made up of pixels correct? Every character in the game is made up of pixels. However, somewhere in the world, there is a real person looking at a computer screen just like you are and just like you and your family/roomate, they laugh, move, cry, feel. Those little dots are actually flesh and blood and do not deserve to be called names or laughed at because you are mad or upset.

Pixelation tends to spread quickly. Once one person is mean, others see it and think it is acceptable behaviour in the game.

As of yet, there is no cure for pixelation but telling those that pixelate it's not acceptable behaviour may stop them. Telling them can have a reverse affect and make them madder but long-term pixelators usually start saying things they can be reported for and get muted. Either way problem solved.


Recently I started PvP'ing. I did not think I would enjoy it but with good friends cheering you on, it's pretty fun. It will take some time before I am brave enough to solo but I will get there....eventually.

I have been playing Wizard101 for a little over 2 years and before this past weekend, had only PvP'd one time. I had such a horrible experience I didn't want to go back. I won that first battle and my oponent was a good sport but the rudeness from bystanders is what disheartened me. They cursed at us, called us names, said we were boring. I am very tenderhearted and had only been playing the game for a month or so. Thanks to those Arena Trolls (as my sister Cass calls them) I lost all confidence in my ability to PvP and quit.

This past weekend however, I was invited by my Unholy Trio sister Cassandra Dragonheart to watch the PvP team she is on,Team Perfect Catch,(TPC) in the Arena. The event was broadcast on Livestream so I got to hear commentary of the match as well. They talked about spells they would use, what their opponents might cast, etc... Most of the opposing teams were good sports but there were a few "Trolls" in there as well. (Both in and out of the ring). However, Cass, Kevin, Fallon, and Rowan did not let the comments get to them. They even laughed at it and even gave tips to their opponents on how to improve if the other team lost. I have never seen anything like that. I had a blast that night and stayed up until 2am watching TPC battle it out. Thank you TPC for showing me PVP can be fun.

We practiced first. Cass, my other sister, SorceressMiklai, and our friend Alric Ravensinger. Cass wrote about that in her blog (link is in my favorite blogs). Later on that night, TPC was challenged at Kevin Battleblood's Fantasy Palace and Sorceress and I decided to watch. After their match was over, I jumped in the ring for a battle or two. I lost both times. The first time I really enjoyed. It was 3v3 and I was up against one tough opponent, SorceressMiklai. I put up a good fight but was no match for her Snow Angel in the end.

The second battle was hard for me. This time me and SorceressMiklai were on the same team but our side only had 3 players. We were up against Alric, Cass (Death Cass), a Life player, and Nate (The Earthweavers on Central) and they went first. We were crushed. I do not mind losing but when I lose that badly I tend to think it was all my fault. Now before my sisters rush in here and fuss at me for thinking like that, I know that was a tough match up and would be hard for anyone to come out on top with those odds. That is the biggest thing I will have to overcome. I am going to shut up now since I am just feeling sorry for myself.

Get over it Heather, you're still learning.

Onto the good news. I don't intend to give up and my big sis, SorceressMiklai (SM) ranked up last night with help from Alric a.k.a. Tio. WOOOOOTTT, Go sis! I can't wait to catch up to her and big sis Cass.

Thank you for listening and until next time,
Lady Blade a.k.a. Heather

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  1. Of course I am going to jump in and "fuss at you". First, that match was practice and for fun AMONGST friends. Second, we had MANY disadvantages: going second, only 3 amateur PvPers against 4 (3 who are NOT amateur in the least).Third, you were funny and did not show fear; you stuck in there against the odds and hung it out until your head did the "Swivel Dance". Fourth, as you stated yourself, "I don't intend to give up..." and you know that your family and friends wouldn't let you.

    <3 ~SM~