Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cast of Characters

Most of you know my character, Autumn Fireblade. However, most of you do not know my other characters and stars of my story. So I am going to introduce you to them. I put them all in their best outfits so they look nice for you.

First up, Heather Blade. She is my title character of the story. Although in the story she is still a young Theurgist, she is actually Legendary.

Next up, Tristan Nightshade: He was my first Grandmaster. I had actually planned on erasing him and having all girls but I loved the Death school so much I kept him.

Destiny Skyblade a.k.a. Sparky is next. Not much to say about her. She says it all herself in the story lol.

Alexis Rainblade is next up. Although her outfit was originally white, I switched to black. Suits her better.

The rest of my Blades should be in order I plan to introduce them in the story. However, this story could go any way and I may do it differently.

Autumn Fireblade (most of you know her already) is who I intend to introduce next. I won't give anything away but I am pleased with how she is turning out.

Next up is the mystery person I revealed in my last blog. She is a Necromancer like Tristan and believe me, she is one tough cookie. Allow me to introduce, Angela Shadowblade. (Btw, her mount in the background plays an integral part in the story)

I plan on introducing my final two Blades at the same time. Balance Taryn Moonblade and Ice Jasmine Roseblade.

Those are my Blades and of course Mr. Nightshade. Here is a small snippet of the next story.

“Why would anyone want the tips of a unicorn’s horn?” Heather asked.

Cameron answered her. “Unicorns are popular in Wizard city as pets but are pretty rare everywhere else. They have a lot of magic and the tips of the horns are where all a mare’s magic is stored. A stallion’s magic is in his entire horn and is 20 times as potent as the females but—.”

“Wait!” Heather interrupted. “I thought all unicorns were girls. There are boys?”

Sherlock cut in as well. “This is the first I have heard of this as well. Please continue Mr. Drake.”

Cameron cleared his throat. “As I was saying,” he said, sounding like his father. “Stallions are rare even in Wizard City. They stay in the shadows and prefer to hide but are great at defending themselves and are extremely aggressive. I have only seen one in my life. Dad says he has only seen two.”

“How can a unicorn hide in shadows? The only ones I have ever seen are all solid white or pink.” Heather asked.

“They were also all girls,” Cameron answered. “Stallions are solid black with eyes that glow red as fire when angered.” He shuddered. “Trust me. You don’t want to see an angry stallion.”
“Fascinating!” Mr. Bones exclaimed. “Simply fascinating. Tell me young man. How did you come to know so much about the creatures?”

“My Aunt was the Life teacher at Ravenwood before she died. She taught me all about them and helped me raise Amalthea.

“If unicorn magic is so potent,” Heather asked. “Why don’t more criminals try to steal them?”

“Because they would be cursed forever,” Cameron explained. “To cut a unicorn’s horn means sentencing it to death. As soon as the horn is separated from the unicorn, whoever cuts the horn is attacked by the magic within it. They are forever surrounded by a dark aura and I am not sure what else. Aunt Sylvia wouldn’t go into details about it. Whatever it was, it scared her though.”

Cameron was about to say more but a loud crash and the sound of several loud voices in the street drew their attention to the window. They ran downstairs just as Officer Chaser ran into the building. “They’ve got the little one, Roxie!” He said breathlessly. “We got him cornered near The Rusty Hydrant.”

Stayed tune for the next Chapter. Hopefully coming soon.

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  1. Wow! Great to put a face to the names ;) Can't wait for the next installment, and the Rusty Hydrant totally sounds like a great hangout for Blaze :).