Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dragons and Blades

Hey everyone. This post isn't about my story. Amazing isn't it? Anyway wanted to keep you updated on what was happening in my little Wiz World. So many things to say.

First, KingsIsle released the new Dragon's Hoard pack in the Crowns shop at a great price, 399 Crowns per pack. You can get all sorts of great housing items, reagents, gear, pets, and mounts. (You have already heard I know) One of the most prized possessions in there is the Bone Dragon mount. It took a while (and a few Crowns) but I did finally get a Bone Dragon for my Death wizard on my second account, (name witheld hee hee) First account's Death wiz, Tristan, was not so lucky. Giving up I came to the conclusion that he would be a Dragon breeder due to the fact that he had at least 3 of each of the Dragon pets that came in the pack. Later that night I was questing with one of my best friends and in game sister, Cassandra Dragonheart. I mentioned to her about my dragon woes and being the kind, loving sister she is, she gifted Tristan a Dragon Hoard pack. I opened it and to my surprise, there was a Bone Dragon mount in that pack. Both of my Necromancers are now cruising the Spriral on new mounts. Thank you Big sister.

Second thing the Dragon Hoard pack had that I wanted was a beautiful new double handed sword. The style was the same but the power and wand spell depends on what level your wizard is. I absolutely love swords (as most who know my wizards and username well know). I had to have one for each account as well. Got much luckier with those and ended up with one or two searching for the Bone mounts.


I am also proud to announce I have 2 new Legendary wizards as of this week. My Myth, Alexis Rainblade, and my Balance wizard, Olivia DawnBlade both completed Celestia and reached Legendary. Alexis is on her way to Wintertusk and Olivia is going to start Grizzleheim. Counting those two, I now have 8 Legendary Wizards. One for each school and double Deaths.

Other Noteworthy news:

I do not know how many of you know this or even know me but on Central I was a member of Mercenaries for Hire. Why do I say was? I have decided to go inactive. It has nothing to do with the team as I am close to each and every Mercenary and know they will continue to succeed and assist any wizard that asks for their help. The truth is, I rarely log into Central anymore. I much prefer to get my information from Diary of a Wizard, Petnome, and my friends on Twitter of course.


Didn't think I would leave without mentioning Prophecy of Blades did you? I have started posting it on Diary of a Wizard as well and continue to work on it daily (or whenever the boss turns his head.) For those that are wondering and have read the last chapter, Heather is not alone. She has a friend with her, though, who it is may surprise you. Here is a picture of Heather Blade and Tristan. I will continue to post and keep you updated. As for me right now, the Spiral awaits.

Lady Blade

For those who want to see what a couple of my characters look like, here is Heather.

And below is Tristan. The Necromancer he is with will be revealed....later.

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