Saturday, October 16, 2010

First blog, first post.

Just want to give a friendly hello to all followers or would be followers.  This is my first blog.  Not sure what to write about. So I will tell a little about me.  I do tech support for a living and in spare time play great game Wizard101 and am part of a game fan site called Wizard101Central.  I have made some of the best friends there.
Cassandra Dragonheart and SorceressMiklai are two besties (using Central names) she is always there to talk to when I need a friend.  Oddly enough none of my friends are annoyed at the fact that I tend to reveal too much at once and annoy the tar out of them lol. 
The Earthweavers- a little impetuous but no one can cheer you up better when feeling blue.

Can't think of anything else to say except welcome everyone.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging my friend ... I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :D Here is to the Unholy Trio, AND the Trio of Terror!

  2. Yay the Trio are bestie bloggers LOL! Welcome sister.

  3. Thank you. Will try to get better as I go.

  4. Welcome to the blogging world best wishes and please keep up unlike someone I know *cough* Alura *cough*

    Cheers! :)