Thursday, January 26, 2012

Laughter! The Best Medicine Contest

(Sponsored by Ravenwood Radio and Petnome)

I have noticed a lot of Twizards (Twitter wizards) have a case of the Winter Blues. Christmas Break is over, school and work are back to normal schedule, and germs have infested many of us. This has made for some very stressful and very sad tweets. It drives me crazy to see so many friends stressed out. There's an old cliche that states, "Laughter is the best medicine" and I have decided to test that theory out. That's where the contest part comes in at. I need your help.

I would like for you to post a funny short story in my comments section.


Keep it PG rated. If there is any foul language, or filthy talk, it will be immediately removed and you will be banned from any other contest I sponsor/hold.

Be nice and respectful: I should not have to add this but I do not tolerate rudeness or bullying. (This includes both your story and if you write something bad about someone else's story.) This will also get you banned from any other contest I sponsor/hold.

I would like to see something funny that you experienced, saw, or heard about. (I will be posting an example). It does NOT have to be Wizard101 related although there are plenty of funny experiences I have had in game.

Keep it short: A little blog is no place for a "Gone with the Wind" sized story. Try to keep it at the very MOST, 3 small paragraphs long.

Have fun: I think this one is self-explanatory

Include Twitter name: If you do not have a Twitter name, let me know and I will see if we can work something out.

Deadline for entries is Sunday, January 29th, at 6pm ET.(For those on the West Coast that is 3pm your time) Late entries will not be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

I will be choosing 2 stories I think are the funniest and give the writers of those stories a $10 Wizard101 Gift Certificate. Not only will you be getting 1,000 Crowns, but the Certificates also come with your very own Ice Elf pet. ( Winner announcement is TBA.)

Hmm, what am I missing? Oh yes. You need an example. Here is a funny story of my own to help get your creative juices flowing.

A few nights ago, I was playing another MMO game and had my headset on so I could listen to sounds and music from that game. This particular game is a bit more intense than Wizard101 and enemies can come out of nowhere and attack you. I was just running my little character around doing various quests, feeling pretty relaxed, yet ever vigilant. Ever have one of those moments where you are relaxed and tense at the same time? I must have been having one of those moments because someone tweeted something, (in my defense no one had tweeted in about an hour) my Tweetdeck made its little "Bloop" sound, and it startled me so much I jumped and my mouse flew out of my hand.

Now it's your turn. Let's see if we can laugh the blues away.

I would like to thank Petnome and Ravenwood Radio for sponsoring this contest. Thank you. :D


  1. Hehe, well here goes. (Twitter is MTrollfriend)

    So lately I've been watching some videos that people have made while playing and commentating on them. Well, in one of them they were journeying into a dark place, one just perfect for monsters to jump out at you. As they went deeper and deeper they suddenly got a mix of a zombie and ambient scary music... and they weren't the only one to jump and have their heart start racing.

    (Kind of like in your's) ;)

  2. I received a tweet from Elder_Wizard. He was having computer issues and asked if I would submit his entry on his behalf.

    Twitter name: Elder_Wizard

    Last week i was running through wizard city, yelling, "Where is that little smith!" I ran through all the streets, far and wide. Did it not twice, but 3 times. I looked for it, and looked for it, and looked for it, and couldn't find it.

    I then sat there and asked around, to have someone help me, to my surprise they told me. I went and looked and i had already found that. I was so sad that i couldn't find it.

    It took me 2 1/2 hours to look for them, and i couldn't believe that i found them all on my last wizard, but not on this one. So i went to my quest log to see the one i need. And guess what? I had already completed the quest, i just needed to hand it in. I felt slow for not checking earlier lolz.

  3. Twitter: TheDrakeFlame :D
    This is a true story that happened 4 years ago.

    My friend, Marlon, was at my house and we were playing video games since school was about to re-open. We weren't really having a lot of fun and wanted to have one last laugh before the summer break was over.
    We opened the window and looked out and saw a couple of elderly people jogging on the road. We were trying to decide how to annoy the people so we made a plan! We took my toy water guns and pointed it at the joggers and started making gun noises.
    Each time they looked to see were the noise was coming from, we ducked. Finally, one of the joggers spotted us and shouted, "Stop that you rotten kids!". We teased him until he turned forward and ignored us. My friend then found at laser pointed and we annoyed the joggers by pointing the laser light at them until we couldn't see them anymore.

    -That's all! I really only thought that old people only used the term 'You rotten kids!' in movies. :P

    Thanks for hosting this! If there are any problems, contact me through Twitter please!

  4. Twitter is @IanStormStaff

    So today my friends and I were talking on the bus and such. One of them has a terrible habit of not sitting in her chair, ever. We always tell her to sit and she doesn't listen. Today she paid the price for not doing so.....We were all chatting and out of nowhere our driver takes a turn very sharply, all of the sudden my friend topples right into the aisle and into another persons lap! To make it worse, she still didn't sit after and got her foot caught on the bench leg. She just doesn't learn....

  5. Twitter: @MarkOfTheGamer

    Roughly 2 years ago me and my friend had detentions afterschool, so we came out of our detentions and stood outside her house (my friend's house) and it's opposite the school, so when people came out we were shouting random things like truth or dare, one of us would dare the other to shout something at the person, and so when it was my turn, I only had to go and get the teacher who gave me the detention and so being all manly, I continued playing and agreed to doing it, but what I had to shout out? Well that is another story but it led down to "You have no mojo!" and so I shouted it out, he heard and then started singing Barbie Girl. We were pretty creeped out but then my friends enemy walked out at the time we decided to start playing the game 'Bogies'.

    - Mark DeathHunter (Level 68 Necromancer)

  6. My friend told me about this. You can email me at I love all the entries above!!!

    My neighbour and I were skateboarding down the street as we usually do every evening. This time, we wanted to race each other to the end of the street.
    He and I lined up and he said go. We were halfway down the street and he was in the lead. He then was coming up to a bump in the road and said "Watch this!". Well, he came up to the bump and tried to do a heelflip over it and he failed and fell.
    He started to scream and I thought he was hurt. I went and asked him what was wrong and he shouted "I failed a trick for the first time! Nooo!". I laughed on and on and since that day, I've been calling him 'Drama King' since he made me think that he was injured.

  7. This happened a few years ago. (Twitter: Autumn LotusS)
    One of the kids at our school was bullying some other kids and everyone was getting pretty tired of it. While in class, he realized that he had forgotten one of his books. When he was told that he needed it, he just said, "Eh, I don't care about that". Literally a moment after he said it, the gym teacher came in and said that he had to write a 3 page report on the history of soccer, because he was constantly leaving books in the gym. (We were in middle school at the time, so that was a lot). He never bullied anyone again :)

  8. I must thank the #twizard whose handle is MasterofWiz101 (Michael) for giving me this laugh. One of the things StormyWiz is teased for is being very slim. One day, last fall, I was playing LotRO with Michael and I told him about the kids who tease Stormy for being thin.

    And he said to me "I bet the kids who tease him for being thin are fat."

    It's funny because it's true.

    Don't think I'm mean; this has helped us cope with a bad situation through laughter. Which is, of course, the best medicine.

  9. Twitter: @CrazedSorcerer
    So, I was on my mount when my friend ported to me. I offered to let her have a ride on my Rhino mount, so she got on. I ported us to my castle and we were still on my mount, we explored the outside of the castle, so later we decided to go inside. But when we got inside! We were still stuck together! I walked, and she walked, the awkward part was that we were stuck together so the images of us looked kind of glitchy and weird. What made it more awkward was that her friend ported! I think we may have freaked him out.

  10. Contest is over. Winners will be announced tomorrow before 5pm. I realize that is a lot of time but I have to work and want to be sure all entries are judged fairly. Thank you everyone for participating.

  11. I have chosen one winner but unfortunately am stuck at work and do not have time to choose the second one at the appropriate time. I might still be able to get it in after 5 but might be 5:30.